July 5th 2018


Day 1 or 1 day

Day 1 or 1 Day. This has been something that has crossed my mind alot over the years. Sometimes we want to wait for the perfect moment, perfect opportunity to do great things. Yet we let fear hinder and slow us down, frustrate us. Life throws many jabs to knock us down, but only the strong rise. This is for you and for me. We can all rise. So when life knocks on the road of life tap into your core. That is part of my story. Learning from life's setbacks and mistakes and chasing my dreams. Joyce Meyer said feel the fear and do it anyway. So that's what I choose to do. Welcome to Great Gale. I invite you to come along this journey with me as we can both grow in character and that the art inspires you. Thanks and look forward to more soon Friday July 5th 2018